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Legal services in Ukraine Kyiv and Dnipro from our Law Firm are aimed primarily at comprehensive business protection. The professionalism and experience of our lawyers allows us to provide legal services to entrepreneurs in Ukraine Kyiv and Dnipro in various fields of law.

When providing legal services to clients, our attention is directed to early detection and prevention of possible risks.

If the client needs legal services because the problem has already arisen, our approach consists in an objective assessment of the prospects for solving this problem. Our clients value us for the fact that we will not create a false impression of the success of this or that case, if it has no prospects. At the same time, we will do everything possible to protect the interests of clients even in the most hopeless at first glance situations.

The WinnerLex law firm will be a reliable assistant in solving any questions and problems.

What legal services do we provide in Ukraine, Kyiv and Dnipro?

We implement a comprehensive approach to business protection through subscription legal services for enterprises.

Since any business interacts with tax authorities, the dominant field of practice for us is legal services in Ukraine Kyiv and Dnipro in the field of tax law, among which it should be noted:

  • legal consultations on tax legislation;
  • legal services in Kyiv and Dnipro to support tax audits;
  • appeal of tax notices-decisions in administrative and judicial procedure;
  • legal services for unlocking tax invoices and removing risk;
  • preparation of answers to requests of tax authorities, etc.

Legal services in Ukraine Kyiv and Dnipro for the representation of business interests in courts of various instances are also a priority practice for us. We effectively protect the interests of clients in the following categories of litigation:

  • tax disputes;
  • customs disputes and disputes in the field of foreign trade;
  • land disputes;
  • corporate disputes;
  • debt collection disputes and other economic disputes;
  • disputes with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • disputes with the State Labor Office on cancellation of fines and others;
  • administrative disputes with other bodies of state power and local self-government about the illegality of their decisions, actions, inaction, etc.

We have considerable experience in the field of antimonopoly law and offer our clients the following legal services in Ukraine Kyiv and Dnipro:

  • legal advice and legal opinions on issues of antimonopoly regulation;
  • structuring agreements in accordance with the requirements of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • obtaining permits from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine for concentration and concerted actions;
  • preparation of answers to requests of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • appeal of fines of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and other legal disputes with the Antimonopoly Committee;
  • countering unfair competition;
  • legal protection of bidders in the field of public procurement, etc.

In the field of corporate law and M&A, we provide legal services starting from the development of the corporate structure of the future business and its registration, to the full support of purchase and sale agreements of the existing business. Joint-stock companies are provided with legal services related to the holding of shareholders’ meetings. We represent interests in interaction with the National Securities and Stock Market Commission and the National Depository.

Legal services in Ukraine Kyiv and Dnipro in the field of general business practice are aimed at legal support of the current business activities of enterprises and include:

  • legal consultations on business activities;
  • contractual work (drafting, analysis of contracts, participation in negotiations regarding the conclusion of agreements);
  • claims work with counterparties;
  • legal verification of the status of potential and existing counterparties;
  • interaction with state bodies;
  • legal support of labor relations at the enterprise, etc.

We also provide legal services to the IT industry, starting with the construction of the legal structure of the IT business, protection of trade secrets and software intellectual property rights, and ending with the support of startup purchase and sale agreements.

Legal services for the agro-industrial complex also have their own specifics. In this industry, we can offer a full range of legal services in Ukraine, which may include:

  • creation and acquisition of agribusiness;
  • registration of joint activities in the agricultural sector;
  • legal audit of land lease agreements and support of land agreements;
  • tax consulting of agricultural enterprises;
  • subscriber legal service for agribusiness.

In the field of foreign economic activity, our legal services in Ukraine Kyiv Dnipro for both residents and non-residents include:

  • drafting and analysis of foreign economic activity contracts;
  • representation during consideration of disputes in foreign economic activity, both in commercial courts and in International Commercial Arbitration;
  • legal support of foreign investments.

Given the close attention to business from law enforcement agencies, we also provide our clients with legal services for the criminal defense of both enterprises and their officials.

You can learn more about these and other legal services of our Bar Association by visiting the relevant page of the website.

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