Business without legal barriers

Sustainable business growth is impossible without professional legal support. Making a business decision is further complicated by the constantly changing legal acts, which deprives of legal certainty while doing business.

WinnerLex is a full-time attorney association serving dozens of agrarian firms, real estate developers, light industry, mechanical engineering and other industries, ranging from private companies to joint stock companies as well as groups of affiliated companies. Therefore, legal outsourcing services on constant basis are in priority to our Attorney Association.

Our attorneys have many years of experience in various areas of law, practical experience in government bodies, including State Fiscal Service. Our attorneys have won a lot of lawsuits, often amounting to dozens of millions of hryvnias, and have provided the legal assistance while implementing complex business projects. We work with state registrars, notaries and auditors, so we can accomplish “a turnkey” task requiring both legal and audit assistance, as well as notarial and registration activities.

Both early legal processing risks in current business activity (signing new contracts, optimizing taxation, corporate transformations etc.), and effective response to negative challenges (improper actions of counterparties and unfair competitors, corporate conflicts, litigation, searches, searches, seizures, inspections by regulatory government agencies) undoubtedly contributes to the developing significant expenses. After all, one incorrect decision of the company executive can lead to millions in financial losses or a similar amount of fines from the state bodies.

In order to facilitate business operation by our Clients, the WinnerLex Attorney Association offers legal outsourcing services for the activity of individual enterprises as well as of groups of companies.

There are two types of companies that require outsourced legal services on constant basis (so-called “legal outsourcing”).

  • The first type includes either small firms for which employing a full-time lawyer on their staff is unreasonable, or companies, which have well-established working processes, and therefore do not require daily eight-hour legal support.
  • The second type includes large companies that have their own law department, but the level of qualification or number of full-time lawyers is not always sufficient for solving the whole range of legal issues, since the experience of in-house lawyers is limited by the functions they perform in their current work. Besides, it is even next to impossible for one professional to have a high level of qualification in tax, customs, corporate, banking, labour, commercial and land law at the same time.

The advantage of using external legal advisers is that they are often deeply-specialized, that is, they are highly qualified in just one or few areas of law and have wider practice experience.

The specialists:
Comprehensive legal support for our clients by our attorney association includes the following services:

Oral and written consultations on commercial, labor, civil, tax, banking, corporate, land and other areas of law;

Development and realization of legal mechanisms for implementing business projects;

Drafting and legal expertise of legal documents, including contracts, letters to contractors, labor and corporate documents;

Preparing for and supporting during state fiscal service checks; consulting on tax optimization;

Obtaining permits and licenses necessary for performing certain types of business activities;

Maintaining relations with banking institutions;

Drafting statutory documents, providing state registration of foundation, reorganization and liquidation legal entities of all organization and legal forms;

Claims work, including the preparation and submission of claims to debtors, taking measures for pre-trial settlement of disputes;

Representing the Client’s interests in the state and local authorities, tax, customs and law enforcement agencies, including during inspections, searches and seizures;

Participating in negotiations on the Client’s side with contractors, suppliers, partners and legal support of agreements;

Legal assistance during labour and corporate conflicts;

Advocacy and representation in courts of all instances.

Advantages of legal outsourcing services on constant basis:
Cost saving and tax benefits The fee for the Attorneys Association services the Client monthly attributes to the composition of its operation costs, which optimizes the income tax liability. The client perfectly legally saves funds on taxes and payments from the salaries of a full-time lawyer, paid holidays, sick leaves as well as making other payments, which are obligatory for the employee of the enterprise. The workplaces maintenance costs and cost of the day-to-day work of lawyers (office equipment, travel expenses, mobile communication, office supplies, and refreshment courses) are borne by our Attorney Association.
Guarantee of constant trouble-free operation The Attorney Association does not go on sick leaves, does not take an annual holiday or go on a maternity leave, does not resign, and therefore our highly qualified professionals of the relevant specialization will be always happy to answer any of your questions;
High quality of legal services After ordering legal outsourcing service, the Client is provided with not one deeply-specialized lawyer, but a whole team of professional attorneys with extensive experience in various areas of law, allowing to apply a comprehensive approach to solving each particular problem. In addition to that, the quality of legal services is monitored directly by the managing partner and other partners and adviser of our Association. All of these in total guarantee a high quality level of our services.
Time saving By entrusting legal solutions to us, business owners and top management get an opportunity to focus on running their business and generating a profit. When using legal outsourcing services on constant basis for accomplishing a task, if needed, several diverse professional lawyers (selected depending on the specialization of the issue) work simultaneously, resulting in significantly reduced time for performing the service. Given that our experts have a wealth of practical experience on a wide variety of matters, we can offer "ready-to-use solutions" developed and tested on similar projects.
Cost predictability and reporting to the Client A well-determined cost budget (comprehensive legal service fee is paid once a month at fixed rate, according to the chosen service package) allows allocating funds more effectively on other expenses. Besides, every month, a detailed report on completed work is provided to the Client.
Individual approach to each Client The scope and focus of the legal services provided by our Attorney Association as part of your legal outsourcing service may vary depending on your needs;
Additional benefits of being attorneys’ assistance According to the Ukrainian law, an attorney is obliged to strictly observe the attorney’s secrecy, which preserves complete confidentiality. In order to obtain the information and documents necessary to provide legal assistance, a lawyer has the right to send to an attorney’s requests to any state, local authorities, legal and private persons, which must be answered. In 2016, the Constitution of Ukraine was amended to introduce the so-called “attorney's monopoly”, therefore representation of other persons in the courts is only allowed to be performed by attorneys.
Loyalty program When concluding a contract for legal outsourcing service, the Client is provided with discounts on our other services. Discounts depend on the type of the chosen outsourcing package. In addition to that, the Client is also prioritized in being serviced.
Attorney’s advice:
Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs
What is more beneficial for the client: ordering individual services or legal outsourcing service package?

The business model of our Association provides priority customer service on permanent basis with granting great preferences in comparison with providing services on irregular basis.

What is included in standard legal outsourcing service packages?

Typically, we study a particular client’s demand for certain legal services, on the basis of which we offer a specific package that best meets their needs for legal services. Our typical packages can be found at the link.

How to choose the optimum subscription service package?

For our subscription clients, we have developed special conditions for the legal services on constant basis. At the same time, we always apply individual approach to each client, and if necessary, it is also possible to develop personal conditions of service taking into account the amount of legal work required for a specific company.