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Tax consultations is one of the main types of legal assistance provided by the Attorneys-at-Law WinnerLex. According to our practice, both entrepreneurs and in-house accountants of enterprises with major experience may demand tax consultancy and legal services. Indeed, the competence of an accountant and independent study of the topic mostly don’t help to resolve a wide range of issues with the fiscal service.

The principal value of consulting tax lawyers is a deep understanding and methodical analysis of the practical application of tax legislation, due to which legal tax advice is in great demand in the business environment.

The WinnerLex taxation lawyers gained their deep knowledge and practical experience providing legal support for business in matters of tax law for plenty of years.

Legal tax advice of AAL WinnerLex might show the alternative view on issues of business out of the perspective of practicing tax lawyers, take practical advice, prevent the risks, and receive the crucial attorney’s insights to make the most optimal business decision.

For many business representatives, tax consultancy becomes useful to minimize the possible tax risks in their business activities. For instance, before they launch a new project, or in terms of preparation for a tax audit.

But of course, in most cases, tax legal consultation becomes a real necessity when the issue with the Taxation Office has already occurred. In such cases, tax legal advice aims to provide the client with objective information regarding:

  • compliance of its activities with the requirements of tax legislation
  • the legality of actions and/or decisions of tax authorities
  • the possibilities, terms, and prospects of their appeal in an administrative or judicial order
  • other possible ways of solving problems or minimizing their consequences

 The tax consultancy of the attorneys of AAL WinnerLex may set a reliable basis for decision-making, both in everyday life and in the most difficult situations. 


Tax advice is most in-demand on the following issues:
  • unblocking tax invoices
  • the procedure for admitting and conducting a tax audit;
  • preparation of objections to acts of tax audit;
  • tax disputes:
  • appeal against tax notices-decisions
  • collection of a tax debt at the request of a tax authority
  • selection of the optimal taxation system for a new business;
  • optimization of taxation and tax planning;
  • transfer pricing;
  • VAT refund;
  • advice on the specifics of levying a land tax, single tax, income declaration;
  • assessment and minimization of tax risks when concluding transactions, checking counterparties;
  • specificity of taxation of certain types of contracts;
  • administrative seizure of assets;
  • obtaining individual tax advice etc. 


Depending on the situation, tax advice is provided both orally and in writing. Of course, oral tax legal advice is preferable in relatively simple situations. But in all difficult situations, for example, when it is necessary to challenge the decisions of the tax authorities, we recommend receiving tax advice in the form of written legal opinions, which will contain all the necessary information. In this case, all the conclusions and their justification will always be at hand and you can refer to them at any convenient time. 

At the same time, it is also important that, unlike other tax consultants, all information received by a lawyer from a client for analysis and preparation of tax consultations are protected by the lawyer’s secrecy.

The specialists:
What is tax legal advice?

Tax legal advice is a type of legal assistance provided by lawyers of the WinnerLex Law Firm specializing in tax law. The main task of tax legal advice:

1) provide the client with objective and reliable information:

– on the legal regulation of the aspects of tax legal relations of interest,

– on the practice of applying the relevant legislative norms by tax and judicial authorities,

– on the rights and obligations of the taxpayer and tax authorities provided for by law,

2) offer the client the least risky and most effective options for action in this situation.

How can I get legal advice on tax law?

Tax advice can be obtained by contacting any of the Winnerlex Attorneys-at-Law offices: either in Kyiv or in Dnipro. Winnerlex tax attorneys provide the tax consultancy equally during a live meeting, and in a written legal report with the detailed analysis of the requested topic.

Where can I get tax advice in Kyiv?

For the legal tax advice in Kyiv, you can visit the WinnerLex Attorneys-at-Law Head Office, which is situated in the central part of Kyiv. Address: 6 Nekrasivs’ka Street, office 15 (M Lukyanivs’ka st.).

Where can I get tax advice in Dnipro?

For tax advice in Dnipro, you can contact the office of Attorneys-at-Law WinnerLex, which is located in the Dnipro city center, via the address 115 Gagarina Avenue, office. 26.

What issues do tax lawyers advise on?
  • unblocking the tax invoices
  • lawyers support of tax audits
  • appeal against the results of tax audits