Business without legal barriers

Successful business (entrepreneurial) activity can not be done without legal support by professional specialists in the field of law.

All without exception, the activities of the company, from its creation, must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the law. Business agreements, renting office or industrial premises, use of a trademark, filing claims against contractors – all of which must occur within the legislative field. Even liquidation of a company requires a number of legally significant actions.

Each manager faces problems caused by the inappropriate actions of counterparties and unscrupulous competitors, pressure from banking institutions, payment of penalties and damages. Quite often, the wrong decision can lead to millions of financial losses. Making a business decision is further complicated by a large number of laws and regulations governing certain areas of business, as well as the constant change of legislation, which deprives the legal certainty in conducting business.

WinnerLex specialists have accumulated a wealth of experience in effectively resolving various legal issues that have arisen in our clients in the course of their business activity, as well as keeping track of the latest changes in the law. So we always use a topical and effective approach in solving our tasks. WinnerLex employs professionals who specialize in various areas of law – business, civil, tax, customs, criminal law, which allows us to use a comprehensive approach to solving our clients’ legal issues. For example, by evaluating a real estate purchase agreement, we can identify and evaluate not only current risks but also the possibility of litigation in the future, the tax risks involved.

One of the competitive advantages of WinnerLex is its B2B orientation: we are a specialized Attorney association that effectively protects the rights and interests of business clients in the most sensitive areas of business and public-private relationships.

WinnerLex professionals with a high quality advocate interests of their clients in cases of disputes with both counterparties and regulatory authorities.

The main purpose of our legal support is to create comfortable business provisions for our Clients, without their distraction on issues that can be resolved by competent lawyers, what can be called “business without legal barriers”. For this reason, in our work we make every effort to quickly predict the possible legal risks in our Client’s business projects and minimize their negative consequences.

WinnerLex provides both systematic comprehensive legal support to the current business activities of the clients’ business structures, as well as legal support during the implementation of individual tasks and projects.

The specialists:
SPECIALIZATION We provide legal support to business structures of different branch of economy, thats why we accumulate effective solutions for business problems in relations with tax authorities
EXPERIENCE Attorneys of WinnerLex have over 40 years of experience, including in tax and law enforcement bodies
EFFICIENCY The loyalty of changeless clients is based on the high quantity of legal tasks successfully solved
INDIVIDUAL APPROACH We find the best strategy to meet client's goals
TRANSPARENCY We always evaluate the client's request in advance and clearly define the real prospects of the case and the cost of our legal assistance
RESPONSIBILITY Personalized and full participation in each project by responsible partners and advisers
ATTORNEYS ASSOCIATION STATUS Protection of client's information in the mode of lawyer's secrecy, the right to represent in courts and the possibility of compensation for legal costs
LOYALTY We have a flexible discount system and customized service conditions for our regular customers