Business without legal barriers

Agriculture is one of the leading sectors of Ukraine’s economy. Successful business activity in the agricultural sector is not possible without legal support from professional lawyers, as all activities of an agricultural firm must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the law.

Thus, to create a new company or acquire an existing business requires knowledge in the field of corporate law.

In the case of attracting foreign investment for business development should be understood in the legislation on investment activities.

Like any business, agricultural firms must keep tax records and pay taxes correctly in a timely manner and in the appropriate amount that requires knowledge of tax law. In cases of export of products abroad or import of agricultural machinery to Ukraine, it is necessary to understand customs and foreign economic law.

In case of non-payment by the counterparty for the delivered products, there is a need to file a lawsuit to recover the debt, which requires knowledge of the experience of commercial procedural law. And this list can go on and on.

It is clear that the head of an agricultural firm can not understand all the legal intricacies of various areas of law, because his main task is to manage the production process and conduct business activities for profit. But even one full-time lawyer at the company can not effectively address all legal issues facing the agricultural firm, because one person can not be equally well versed in commercial, land, tax, corporate, customs law, while knowing all the intricacies of administrative and criminal proceedings.

Therefore, the best solution in this case is to turn to a team of professionals – a group of lawyers and jurists who provide systematic legal services to agribusiness.

WinnerLex constantly serves a number of agricultural companies in different regions of Ukraine. Therefore, legal services for agribusiness are a priority for our law firm.

With extensive experience in solving legal problems facing agribusiness, WinnerLex specialists have developed effective mechanisms for resolving various legal issues that have arisen in our clients during their business activities.

We also constantly monitor and analyze the latest changes in legislation. Therefore, we always use a relevant and effective approach to solving our Clients’ tasks.

WinnerLex employs specialists who specialize in various areas of law – commercial, civil, tax, customs, criminal law, which allows you to use a comprehensive approach to solving legal issues of our clients. For example, assessing the contract of sale of real estate, we can identify and assess not only the current risks, but also the possibility of litigation in the future, the existing tax risks.

WinnerLex attorneys qualitatively defend the interests of their clients in case of disputes with both counterparties and regulatory authorities.

The main purpose of our work on legal support of agribusiness is to let our clients to comfortably conduct business without distracting them from issues that can be resolved by competent lawyers, as the goal of our team is to create conditions for your business without legal barriers.

For this reason, in our work we make every effort to promptly anticipate possible legal risks in the business projects of our clients and minimize their negative consequences.

WinnerLex provides both systematic comprehensive legal support for the current economic activities of farmers, and legal support during the implementation of individual tasks and projects.

The specialists:
SPECIALIZATION WinnerLex constantly serves dozens of agricultural companies in different regions of Ukraine, so we accumulate the effective solutions to solve legal problems of agribusiness
EXPERIENCE our company unites attorneys with more than 40 years of experience, including in regulatory and law enforcement agencies
EFFICIENCY high rate of successfully solved legal problems is confirmed by the trust of our regular customers
NON-STANDARD APPROACH we find the optimal strategy using non-standard methods to achieve the Client's goals
TRANSPARENCY we always evaluate the Client's request in advance and determine the real prospects for a positive solution to the issue and the cost of our legal assistance
RESPONSIBILITY personalized and full participation in each project of responsible partners and advisors
ATTORNEYS ASSOCIATION STATUS protection of the Client's information in the mode of legal secrecy; the right to send mandatory attorneys' inquiries in order to obtain the information necessary to resolve the Client's question; reimbursement of court costs for legal assistance of a lawyer in case of need to go to court
LOYALTY for regular customers we apply a flexible system of discounts and introduce individual terms of service
INDIVIDUAL APPROACH our lawyers do not use general templates, but take a special approach to solving a specific situation and create a separate protection strategy for each client