Kontraktus LLC

Grigorchuk O.V. Director of Kontraktus LLC

We met 3 law firm WinnerLex in 2010. In circumstances that suggest that everything in our world is built on injustice and depends on the whims of the representatives of the controlling authorities. But another thought was the director of the WinnerLex law firm Anna A. Vinnichenko. She expressed her views on the matter, which in the future was implemented in a legal position. And, as practice has shown, the legal position was chosen correctly. The lawsuit was won thanks to the right choice and the unconditionally legal talent of Anna Vinnichenko. I emphasize again, only because of these qualities.

In the future, our company cooperated with WinnerLex on other, more pleasant issues, such as opening a company, obtaining licenses, advisory questions on the Tax Code, etc. The raised questions were solved by WinnerLex lawyers within the agreed term, with maximum comfort for the Customer.

One talent is said to be missing. If a person has talent, then he is multifaceted. This certainly applies to Anna Vinnichenko. In addition to being a top-level lawyer, she is also a kind, sensitive person, an interesting interlocutor, an extraordinary psychologist, not least in the kind of work in which she has to deal with difficult situations, human destinies every day.

I would like to thank Anna Vinnichenko and her law firm for their responsiveness and professionalism.

Director of Kontraktus LLC                                                   Grigorchuk O.V.