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According to The Law of Ukraine “On Advocacy and the attorney`s activity” and The Rules of the attorney`s ethics «the procedure for calculating the fee (fixed amount, hourly payment), the grounds for changing the amount of the fee, the procedure for its payment, the conditions of return, etc. are specified in the legal aid agreement. In determining the amount of the fee, the complexity of the case, qualifications, experience and workload of the lawyer and other circumstances are taken into account. "

For the optimum balance of financial interests of clients and the required volume of attracted resources of WinnerLex, our pricing policy provides for the use of different payment systems: hourly, fixed, court advocacy and legal service subscription. Moreover, different payment systems may be used in relations with a particular client and even within the same project. If to speek about hourly payment it starts from 50 Euro.

Therefore, to meet clients' financial interests and depending on the specifics of a particular service we use the following payment systems:

WinnerLex Pricing Principles:
Rationality it is important for us to bring client incomparably higher benefit than the resources spent by client for legal aid
Openness we provide clear and transparent pricing that applies to all our clients
Stability we do not independently change the prices stipulated by the client when providing services
In gratitude to our loyal customers, we have developed a loyalty program that provides a flexible system of discounts for all services, depending on the following factors:
For clients who recommend us to their partners and for clients who come by such recommendation
For repeated customers
For clients who require amount of services for more than 100 000 UAH

Our experience in providing legal services to clients demonstrates that the ability to work for results, personalized and full participation in each project by responsible partners and advisers, an active and productive position to protect the interests of the client, combined with an adequate pricing approach, most contribute to the overall strengthening of business cooperation between client and his law firm.

It is important for us to maintain the reputation of highly professional lawyers, whose purpose is not only to earn a fee, but also to make client satisfied with the quality of the services he receives and to get his recommendations.

We suggest you to visit our office so that we can individually guide you on the cost and timing of providing the legal services you need.

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