Business without legal barriers
Olga Sychevska

I have known WinerLex for 6 years. They are always professional, competent, clear and fast. I would like to thank the company and lawyer Serhii Melnychenko for a well-coordinated algorithm of actions in resolving our latest issue.

The organisation of the process of work on our request was as clear as possible: translators, preparation of documentation, notarial services - our lawyer kept everything under control.

All the difficulties that stood in the way were overcome. I am impressed with such work, always in touch, always with clear feedback on all my questions, excellent work. I can definitely recommend the company to my friends who are managers and chief accountants.

Alina Shevchenko

I would like to express my absolute satisfaction with the cooperation with the professional team of Winnerlex during the representation of my interests in court in the case of property division.

Winnerlex attorneys demonstrated a high level of competence and understanding of my needs and interests, were always available for communication, ready to provide clear explanations and answer my questions. They supported me at every stage of the process and did everything possible to achieve a successful outcome. I am most pleased that your firm successfully won the case for me.

The Winnerlex team demonstrated a high level of professionalism and perseverance in court, which led to a favourable resolution of the dispute for me and I am grateful for your efforts and efficient work. I express my sincere gratitude for your hard work, professionalism and dedication.

I will recommend your Attorneys at Law to my friends and colleagues who need legal services.

Oleh Bozhok

In the context of martial law and constant power cuts, it so happened that I did not escape the fate of most conscientious taxpayers and VAT payers.

The registration of my tax invoice was suspended.

Having had experience of dealing with tax authorities and taking into account my attitude to fulfilling my duties as a taxpayer, I realised that I could lose time and money if I tried to resolve this issue on my own.

After studying online resources and comprehensive advice on how to unblock tax invoices, I decided to contact Winnerlex Attorneys at Law for legal assistance in preparing explanations and a list of documents to be submitted to the tax authorities.

The result:

Full legal support and moral support;
Recommendations on the formation of an exclusive list of documents to be attached to the explanations;
Constant communication during the preparation of the document packages via mobile, e-mail, Viber, etc;
And most importantly... RESULTS:

Registration of the TI at the first stage of administrative settlement and inclusion of the VAT payer data table.

I am sincerely grateful to Winnerlex Attorneys at Law.

Oleg Bozhok

І.А. Krupiy Director of LLC "STC "Topstar"

The choice of LLC "STC" Topstar" fell in 2011 on the law firm" WinnerLex "due to the positive feedback on its work from our partners. For all the time of cooperation with WinnerLex we would like to point out:

  • professionalism of lawyers of the company;
  • high degree of responsibility in solving various kinds of issues: legal and economic;
  • Willingness to take on any complicated matter and bring it to a logical conclusion;
  • confidence in success;
  • positive attitude.

NTC Topstar LLC has been cooperating with WinnerLex Law Firm for a long time.

Due to the coordinated work of the team of specialists of the Law firm WinnerLex LLC, litigation was won, which significantly influenced both the company's image and the positive economic result.

Director                                                                                        I.A. Krupiy

O.Y. Kirnos CEO of JSC Spetsplav

When in 2012 our company felt pressure on the business of the former authorities through tax authorities, we needed the help of professional lawyers to protect against unreasonable significant fines. These were the experts at law firm WinnerLex.

Practical experience, a broad outlook, a non-standard approach, systematic monitoring of legislation and its deep analysis, speed of decision making, sometimes unexpected decisions - all this is not a complete list of professional skills of company employees that allow to achieve the set goal.

Yours sincerely,

Director General                                                                  O.Y. Kirnos

Grigorchuk O.V. Director of Kontraktus LLC

We met 3 law firm WinnerLex in 2010. In circumstances that suggest that everything in our world is built on injustice and depends on the whims of the representatives of the controlling authorities. But another thought was the director of the WinnerLex law firm Anna A. Vinnichenko. She expressed her views on the matter, which in the future was implemented in a legal position. And, as practice has shown, the legal position was chosen correctly. The lawsuit was won thanks to the right choice and the unconditionally legal talent of Anna Vinnichenko. I emphasize again, only because of these qualities.

In the future, our company cooperated with WinnerLex on other, more pleasant issues, such as opening a company, obtaining licenses, advisory questions on the Tax Code, etc. The raised questions were solved by WinnerLex lawyers within the agreed term, with maximum comfort for the Customer.

One talent is said to be missing. If a person has talent, then he is multifaceted. This certainly applies to Anna Vinnichenko. In addition to being a top-level lawyer, she is also a kind, sensitive person, an interesting interlocutor, an extraordinary psychologist, not least in the kind of work in which she has to deal with difficult situations, human destinies every day.

I would like to thank Anna Vinnichenko and her law firm for their responsiveness and professionalism.

Director of Kontraktus LLC                                                   Grigorchuk O.V.

I.A. Yurchenko Director of Continent LLC

Continent LLC has been cooperating with WinnerLex Law Firm since June 2013.

During the cooperation we would like to emphasize the high professional level of specialists of the company, who take great responsibility to solve complex legal issues that arise in the course of our company's activity and are always ready to fight for a positive result.

Thanks to the coordinated work of the team of Law Firm WinnerLex, LLC Continent LLC, positive results were obtained on many controversial issues.

The management of Kontinent EG always takes the advice of specialists when making decisions and is ready to continue to cooperate with the team of professionals of LLC WinnerLex Law Firm.

Director of Continent LLC                                                         I.A. Yurchenko

Kudryavtseva A.Yu.

WinnerLex contacted the company by accident, coming across their phone number on the Internet and did not regret it. The case concerned a tax penalty written in the tax "from the ceiling". The lawyers worked promptly and professionally. Thanks to a non-standard approach to solving very complex issues and excellent knowledge of our legislation, Anna and her team helped defend my rights and win the case in court. But knowing our tax authorities, they, without agreeing with the court's decision, filed with the court of appeal. And here the professionalism of the boys proved to be at its height. The case was won.

Many thanks to WinnerLex for having such competent and competent professionals in our time. Good luck and success.

PE Kudryavtseva A.Yu.

I.I. Lelyakov Director of PE "Elektrozvarmash"

Nowadays, it is difficult to run a business without the advice of an experienced lawyer. As a result of the sudden need, PE "Elektrozvarmash" had to search for one.

As is customary in our country, they usually rely on the "experienced" advice. As our business partners have been cooperating with WinnerLex for a long time, we turned to them. And as it turned out later - not for nothing. As a result of our cooperation, the young ambitious staff of the company has shown a professional approach and promptness in resolving issues, which has led to numerous won tax disputes.

At the same time, given our long period of cooperation, WinnerLex Law Firm provides us with a flexible tariff plan and always comes to a meeting when it comes to loyalty in relationships.

But it is easy for us to cooperate with them not only because, but also because they save us from all problems related to courts, tax, registrars, and we save the most expensive - our business time.

Director of PE "Elektrozvarmash"                                                          II. Lelyakov

Milinchuk Yu.M. Director of Kozyatin Garment Factory LLC


Kozyatin Garment Factory LLC is grateful to WinnerLex for the professional work and advocacy of our company in the Rivne Court of Appeal.

The case concerned legal relations under a credit agreement with a banking institution. We reached out to WinnerLex at the appeal stage of a banking institution and agreed to defend our position. All the complexity of the situation was that previously, the case was conducted by other lawyers. Despite all the challenges of our situation, the team of lawyers at WinnerLex quickly studied the details of the case, in the shortage of time worked out the legal position, obrpynmyvala defense in the light of existing case law. All the arguments were supported by the Laws of Ukraine, which were applied correctly.

The case was conducted at a high professional level, responsibly, with attention to detail and over time.

The result of the case was her winning in the Economic Court of Appeal.

In addition, we would like to thank you separately for legal advice on various aspects of our enterprise. In doing so, we feel the support of WinnerLex, which demonstrates a genuine interest in client matters in general, and not just in a single case.

Thank you very much for your work and we wish you every success.


Kozyatin Clothing Factory LLC Milinchuk Yu.M.

Mishchenko Viktor Igorevich Director of PE "KMT"

Out. # 10/11 of 10/11/2015

To WinnerLex Law Firm

Kirovohrad Customs-Brokerage Office - PE "KIROVOGRAD CUSTOMS TERMINAL" expresses its sincere gratitude to WinnerLex Law Firm for professional assistance in solving a number of complex legal issues that accompany doing business in Ukraine. Highly-qualified specialists at WinnerLex Law Firm have successfully managed to support the relationship between KMT and tax inspectorate, in particular, to challenge the illegal conclusions of an unscheduled audit. Thanks to this company, KMT received strong legal support when challenging disputed documents of the tax authority, which proved that there were no violations on the part of KMT.

KMT confirms that WinnerLex Law Firm has proven itself as a reliable partner, capable of responding quickly to customer needs and providing quality services.

Sincerely yours, Director of PE "KMT" Victor Mishchenko

Anna Ilyashova

It has been repeatedly heard that in our time it is not easy to do business without the help of an experienced lawyer. Until recently, we have not thought about it. And when we got into trouble with the customs authorities, we asked the WinnerLex Law Firm for the advice of our friends.

And later it turned out that we went exactly where we were able to help. The Law Firm team showed a professional approach and promptness in solving our problem. With a great deal of successful practical experience, a non-standard approach to solving issues, highly qualified specialists of WinnerLex Law Firm have successfully managed to provide support for the relationship of FOP Ilyashov G.E. with customs. We received solid legal support during the court hearings, which all ended in our favor. Thanks to WinnerLex Law Firm, it was proved that there were no violations by the FOP.

We express our gratitude to the team of WinnerLex Law Firm for their fruitful cooperation with us, for their professional ability, kindness, honesty. We confirm that WinnerLex Law Firm is a reliable partner with highly qualified specialists who are able to provide legal services to clients quickly and efficiently, and we recommend that anyone contact Legal Firm WinnerLex if necessary.

With respect and best wishes from FOP Ilyashova Anna Yevgenievna.