FOP Illyashova Anna Yevgenievna

Anna Ilyashova

It has been repeatedly heard that in our time it is not easy to do business without the help of an experienced lawyer. Until recently, we have not thought about it. And when we got into trouble with the customs authorities, we asked the WinnerLex Law Firm for the advice of our friends.

And later it turned out that we went exactly where we were able to help. The Law Firm team showed a professional approach and promptness in solving our problem. With a great deal of successful practical experience, a non-standard approach to solving issues, highly qualified specialists of WinnerLex Law Firm have successfully managed to provide support for the relationship of FOP Ilyashov G.E. with customs. We received solid legal support during the court hearings, which all ended in our favor. Thanks to WinnerLex Law Firm, it was proved that there were no violations by the FOP.

We express our gratitude to the team of WinnerLex Law Firm for their fruitful cooperation with us, for their professional ability, kindness, honesty. We confirm that WinnerLex Law Firm is a reliable partner with highly qualified specialists who are able to provide legal services to clients quickly and efficiently, and we recommend that anyone contact Legal Firm WinnerLex if necessary.

With respect and best wishes from FOP Ilyashova Anna Yevgenievna.