Business without legal barriers

The WinnerLex corporate law practice covers a wide range of issues that arise in the day-to-day operations of legal entities and related to their creation, operational management, decision-making by owners, reorganization, purchase and sale of corporate rights, liquidation and more.

The corporate structure of any business should be as consistent as possible with the existing relationships between owners, create reliable mechanisms of interaction between owners and management, facilitate the adoption of prompt decision-making by all links of corporate governance, contain effective fuses to control the activities of management.

Joint stock companies management is more complex in comparison with corporate governance in other organizational forms of legal entities, such as the same limited liability companies, as it requires periodic general shareholder meetings, the construction and adjustment of a complex supervisory board management structure, executive body, of revision committee, consideration in the decision-making process relationships with shareholders and significant number of regulatory legislation acts, and cooperation with the National Securities and Stock Market Commission and the National Depository of Ukraine.

Therefore, professional corporate law services in the creation of new legal entities will help determine the choice of the optimal legal form and corporate structure, depending on the number of business partners, the relationship between them, the types of business activities that are planned.

If the business is already established, the WinnerLex attorneys can analyze the existing corporate structure for compliance with the current legislation and the interests of the owners and provide recommendations for its improvement.

Legal registration of decisions of higher management bodies of companies on important issues of activity requires a qualified approach. Making such decisions in strict compliance with all requirements of the law is especially important when such decisions are subject to state registration, or when it comes to the decision of the general meeting of a joint stock company, which is monitored by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission.

For joint-stock companies, legal support of the general meeting is necessary already from the stage of preparation to the convening of the general meeting and draft decisions, which will be on the agenda, to the completion of the adopted decisions and their state registration in necessary cases.

Quite often, business owners or shareholders need the assistance of a lawyer to resolve corporate disputes related to the ability to participate in the management of a business and / or to generate revenue from its activities and may be the result of a conflict between the co-owners, or with the company itself, in including its unscrupulous management.

Effective protection of the interests of the business owner or shareholder in such cases should be comprehensive and may involve both extra-judicial measures to defend their position and initiate appropriate lawsuits to achieve the desired result.

Can not without corporate law professionals in such business processes as mergers and acquisitions, as they may need to bring the corporate structure of the business into an easy-to-sell state and conduct a legal audit of the company (due diligence) in the interests of the potential buyer, and merger or acquisition agreemen talso require proper legal clearance and implementation.

Thus, it is obvious that a competent solution to any corporate issue requires the assistance of professional lawyers.
Our attorneys will develop for you the optimal scheme of governing bodies of the organization, prepare statutory and other necessary internal documents, register the creation of a legal entity, resolve issues regarding the exit of old and new members of the company, accompany the process of merger and acquisition of business, organize interaction between the company and its shareholders (participants), will establish cooperation with the National Securities and Stock Market Commission, the National Depository of Ukraine.

In case of corporate disputes, WinnerLex attorneys will qualitatively protect the interests of their Clients both in courts and out of court.

The main purpose of our legal support for enterpreneurs is to let our Clients to conduct their business comfortably without being distracted by issues that can be resolved by competent lawyers, as our team aims to create the conditions for your business without legal barriers.

For this reason, in our work we do our best to expeditiously anticipate the possible legal risks in our clients’ business projects and to avoid their negative consequences.

WinnerLex provides as systematic comprehensive legal support for ongoing corporate activities, as legal support of individual corporate projects.

The specialists:
SPECIALIZATION We provide legal support to business structures in different fields, so we accumulate effective solutions to corporate issues
EXPERIENCE The extensive work experience of our attorneys, including in large companies, in joint stock companies and groups of companies, as well as the rich experience of serving corporate clients, allows us to have a good understanding of corporate relations and ways of solving possible problems
EFFICIENCY The high rate of positively resolved various legal problems, including corporate disputes, is confirmed by the trust of our regular Clients
INDIVIDUAL APPROACH Our attorneys develop a specific approach to address a specific situation and create the most effective defense strategy to meet the client's individual goals
TRANSPARENCY We always evaluate the Client's request in advance and determine the real prospects of the possibility of a positive solution to the issue and the cost of our legal assistance
RESPONSIBILITY Personalized and full participation in each project by responsible partners and advisers
ATTORNEYS ASSOCIATION STATUS Protection of Client's information in lawyer's secrecy mode; having the right to send a lawyer's binding response in order to obtain the information necessary to resolve the Client's question; reimbursement of legal expenses for legal assistance of a lawyer in case of need to go to court
LOYALTY For regular Clients we apply a flexible discount system and introduce individual terms of service