Business without legal barriers

Every business starts with an idea. To start legal commercial and non-commercial activities in Ukraine, the organization must be officially registered.

Professional legal assistance is especially important at the stage of a company formation, when the foundations of the future business are laid, its structure, relationships between partners and investors are determined, the roles and obligations of each are distributed, the type of legal entity that will be registered is selected.

Today, a limited liability company is the most common organizational and legal form of doing business in Ukraine. Therefore, LLC registration is one of the most demanded registration services.

The current legislation has established strict requirements for the content of documents required for the registration of legal entities, therefore, if, for example, the statutory documents do not meet the requirements of the law, the registration of a legal entity will be refused by the relevant authorized body.

Registration of legal entities or registration of limited liability companies in Ukraine are legal services that are handled by different companies.

For many legal companies, registration of an enterprise is a template process, for which standard documents are used, which allows them to massively clone companies based on an already developed model.

However, this approach does not suit those clients who understand the uniqueness of their business and want all the features of its activities, the composition and competence of the management bodies of the future enterprise, corporate relations of partners etc. were settled already at the registration stage.

WinnerLex appreciates and understands the uniqueness of each business. We provide services in all areas of business law and have extensive experience in servicing companies in various sectors of the economy. This gives us the opportunity to take into account, at the stage of business registration, its unique features that correspond to the client’s intentions.

Both when creating new enterprises and gaining control over existing business structures (for example, through the acquisition of corporate rights, appointment of governing bodies, etc.) it is important to comply with antitrust laws of Ukraine, because when certain financial indicators are achieved, such actions may be considered concentration the relevant permission of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

This page of our website is called “Business structure creation” precisely because a client, including a foreigner who wants to start a business in Ukraine, can receive from us not only services for registering an LLC or other form of enterprise, but also receive advice on the development of the legal algorithm of the enterprise, on corporate governance issues or advice on taxation of future business in Ukraine, both in general and its individual operations, advice on obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, and the like.

We can also develop draft of contracts and internal documents necessary for the activities of the future enterprise, including those on labor relations, the preservation of commercial secrets.

If necessary, services can be provided for obtaining work permits for foreigners, obtaining an individual tax number for them in Ukraine.

After the state registration of the enterprise, WinnerLex can offer further full legal service of business.

WinnerLex’s Registration of enteties services cost starts from 200 Euro plus necessery expenses.

The specialists:
LEGAL ASSISTANCE IN REGISTRATION OF BUSINESS includes a wide range of services, among which are:

  • preparation of documents for state registration of an enterprise (minutes of founders decisions, statute and others);
  • accompanying the client during the performance of necessery notarial actions;
  • consultation on the choice of the optimal organizational and legal form and tax system;
  • selection of optimal official types of economic activity of company for registration;
  • conduction of necessary actions for state registration of a legal entity;
  • submission of documents to the tax authority in order to obtain the status of a VAT payer.

SPECIALIZATION: we provide legal support to business structures in different fields, so we accumulate effective solutions to corporate issues
EXPERIENCE: the extensive work experience of our attorneys, including in large companies, in joint stock companies and groups of companies, as well as the rich experience of serving corporate clients, allows us to have a good understanding of corporate relations and ways of solving possible problems
PROACTIVITY we see potential threats and protect against possible risks
COMPETENCE WinnerLex employs attorneys who specialize in different branches of law, therefore we are able to conduct a comprehensive legal examination of a legal issue, analyzing the situation from different angles
PROFESSIONALISM attorneys at WinnerLex are highly qualified lawyers with many years of experience. We have solved a large number of complex legal issues, accompanied multimillion-dollar transactions and won the most difficult legal cases for our clients
EFFICIENCY the high professional level of lawyers allows us to quickly solve the legal problems assigned to us
Practical recommendations
What documents are required for state registration of a limited liability company?

Company statute, decision of the founder / founders, application for state registration of a legal entity.

What is the amount of the administrative fee for state registration of a legal entity?

For the state registration of a legal entity there is no  administrative fee.

Is it obligatory for a legal entity to use a seal in its business?

No, there is no such obligation. But the charter of a legal entity must contain a clause on the use or non-use of the seal by the legal entity.