Business without legal barriers

Imports and exports of goods are inevitably linked to the need to interact with the customs authorities. Until borders exist and customs duties are levied on crossing them, customs disputes will still arise.

In Ukraine, the supply of goods to other countries, or, conversely, the import of goods from abroad, is a rather complicated process. Effective resolution of customs issues is of great importance for preserving the competitive advantages of a company engaged in foreign economic activity. Both exporters and importers often face problems when crossing the customs border of Ukraine.

The legal difficulties faced by businesses in the customs field are diverse, ranging from the requirements of customs officers to provide documents not provided for by law and from delay the completion of customs clearance of goods, ending with unjustified assignment of another code for goods.

As an example, there are widespread cases where, despite the availability of all the documents necessary to determine the customs value of the goods at the price of the contract for the imported goods, the customs officer adjusts the increase in the declared customs value using the so-called backup method, or the method of determination customs value at the price of similar goods, which leads to the need to pay excessive customs duties. Moreover, if the customs authorities consider that the importer deliberately indicated a different code or indicated a reduced customs value, it may be subject to a fine or even confiscation of goods.

Attempts to convince the customs authorities of the illegality of their claims most often do not end in a positive result, because, according to current practice, customs authorities almost never admit their mistakes, and a compromise is possible, as a rule, under customs conditions. Therefore, if you are confronted with unlawful decisions, actions or omissions by the customs, it is best at the earliest opportunity to challenge them.

Attorneys WinnerLex’s longstanding practice of dealing with customs disputes  allows us to effectively challenge unlawful decisions or actions of customs authorities, either administratively or pre-judicially, to a higher-level customs authority or to a court.

In addition to appealing against actions or decisions of customs officers, WinnerLex also provides other services in the field of customs law, such as support of customs inspections, taking measures to protect intellectual property rights under the Customs Register of Intellectual Property Rights, assistance for process of overpaid customs duties return.

Our experts are able to develop an individual algorithm for solving various customs problems. WinnerLex attorneys can provide you with prompt and thorough written advice on any customs issues you may have.

The specialists:
SPECIALIZATION One of the areas of WinnerLex activity is to resolve disputes related to foreign economic activities, including customs disputes, since our team aims to create the conditions for your business without legal barriers
EXPERIENCE The WinnerLex team has extensive experience in successfully resolving a large number of customs disputes of various categories and levels of complexity
EFFICIENCY The loyalty of changeless clients is based on the high quantity of legal tasks successfully solved
INDIVIDUAL APPROACH We find the best strategy to meet client's goals
TRANSPARENCY We always evaluate the client's request in advance and clearly define the real prospects of the case and the cost of our legal assistance
RESPONSIBILITY Personalized and full participation in each project by responsible partners and advisers
ATTORNEYS ASSOCIATION STATUS protection of client's information in the mode of lawyer's secrecy; the right to send attorney's requests, which are obliged to answer; the right to represent in courts and the possibility of compensation for legal costs
LOYALTY We have a flexible discount system and customized service conditions for our regular customers