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Tax law services are one of the key areas of practice WinnerLex for several reasons.

Firstly, Ukrainian tax law, fiscal authorities’ fiscal policies, and the vague variety of tax judicial practice change and develop quite quickly and sometimes unpredictably, and as a result, tax issues are most often come to the fore for business.

Secondly, tax law practice in our team is carried out by attorneys who have considerable experience in working at tax authorities and, accordingly, have a thorough knowledge of the specifics of tax administration and a proper tax dispute resolution strategy. The versatile profile experience and professional specialization of our tax lawyers allows us to provide a wide range of high-quality tax services of varying profile and complexity.

We have been approached for many years by business entities, including large taxpayers, with numerous requests for tax attorney services both before tax audits (for example, for due diligence on tax matters, contractual work to minimize the risks of the current work of an enterprise, for responding tax authorities requests and letters), and after such tax audits for cancelling tax notification-decision made on the results of audits. Quite common is the request for the provision of legal services in tax audits, in particular for legal non-admittance of tax officials and ensuring the officials actions in the relevant legal field without exceeding the powers.

We have quite successfully declared ourselves in the professional services market precisely as tax lawyers of the court profile. Long-standing positive statistics of won even the most complex court cases (eg tax dispute on cancellation of tax notification-decision for more than UAH 180 million), participation in drafting tax bills, holding specialized seminars on professional development for tax lawyers and accountants from all regions of Ukraine, trust and recommendations from regular clients testify to our relevant professional level and effective tax specialization.

The specialists:
KEY PRACTICE We rely on our own huge litigation practice of successfull tax disputes resolving
SPECIALIZATION We provide legal support to business structures of different branchі of economy, thats why we accumulate effective solutions for business` problems in relations with tax authorities
EXPERIENCE Our association's lawyers have over 40 years of experience, including in tax and law enforcement bodies
PROACTIVITY We detect possible threats and risks and protect against them
COMPETENCE With extensive experience in tax authorities, our tax attorneys win even the most difficult tax disputes
PROFESSIONALISM We take part in making bills, conduct seminars on tax disputes, are the authors of articles on tax disputes in reputable publications
OPERATIONALITY "emergency legal assistance" in case of any tax problems